Below is a list of the most commonly used abbreviations we will use within this website, we will update this list as time goes by:


3P HLR = 3 Point Higher Low Reversal

ATH = All Time High

BOPB = Breakout Pullback

CL = Cognitive Load

CORR = Corrective

CS = Corrective Structure

CT = Counter-Trend

CVT = Clean Volatile Trend

D2B = Deep Diaphragmatic Breathing

FB = False Break

HFT = High Frequency Trader

HTF = Higher Time Frame

IDT = Intra Day Trend

IMO = In my opinion

IMP = Impulsive

KL/Z = Key Level/Zone

KSP = Key Swing Point

LCS = Large Corrective Structure

LLT = Limit Level Trade

LSZ = Long/Short Zone

LT = Long Term

LTF = Lower Time Frame

LTT = Long Term Trend

LTZ = Long Term S/R Zone

MCS = Medium Corrective Structure

ME = Mental execution

MT = Medium Term

NVT = Non-volatile Trend

PAC = Price Action Context

PBO = Pre-Breakout

PMB = Pure Momentum Breakout

RoR = Risk of ruin

RRL = Role Reversal Level

SCS = Small Corrective Structure

S/R = Support/Resistance Zone

ST = Short Term

TM = Trade management

UVT = Unclean Volatile Trend

VT = Volatile Trend

WT = With trend

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